A new class of microarchitectural side-channel attacks affecting Microcontrollers.

About BUSted

BUSted is a novel class of microarchitectural side-channel attacks that exploit timing differences in the arbitration logic of microcontrollers (MCUs) bus interconnect. It can bypass all security protections, including memory protection units (MPUs) and TrustZone, and steal secrets in real-time. Unlike other side-channel attacks, BUSted does not rely on complex microarchitectural components such as caches or branch predictors. It is effective even in very restrictive setups – single-core MCUs with interrupts disabled, and running applications operating over ephemeral secrets. The spy logic of BUSted is implemented through hardware gadgets – groups of interconnect peripherals that operate autonomously, obviating CPU intervention. By targeting a ubiquitous microarchitectural component found in all MCUs, BUSted poses a substantial security hazard to the entire range of MCUs, including Armv6-M, Armv7-M, Armv8-M, RISC-V, PIC, and AVR

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